Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere

I am surrounded by boxes!  Boxes to take to the donation center, boxes to fill for storage, and boxes to move to Florida.  I've moved before, but this time, because it is to another state, it needs to be much more organized and less haphazard then past local moves.

We've slept on an air mattress for the last two nights as our bed has been taken down and put into storage.  Just two more nights of sleeping so low to the ground!  Thursday is the big drive south and we are very excited.

Please forgive my lack of communication over the next week or so as we get settled in.  I'll post again soon and have more details about our new location, new artwork and when I'll be hostessing get togethers.

In the meantime...

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Thank you so much!

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