Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Tea, Brunch and Dinner

Today is my birthday!!  I have been treated like a Disney Princess this whole weekend by both my wonderful, loving, and generous husband as well as my kind, caring and generous best friend.  

My friend Jennifer knows just how much I love the ceremony, celebration, and joy of an English tea.  So for my birthday she treated me to a scrumptious afternoon tea at the amazing Chelsea's Tea Room here in Asheville, NC.  It was so much fun, and because I love to blog, I took pictures every step of the way so I could share with you.  

Birthday Tea at Chelsea's in Asheville, NC
It was such a beautiful, clear and crisp day that we sat on the patio for our treat.  We ordered a pot of Earl Grey for two and had a great time giggling and people watching.  When the two tiered afternoon tea plate arrived we were taken aback at the assortment of goodies that awaited us.  There were savory treats such as deviled eggs, spinach and artichoke spread on toast, hummus with feta and cucumber on crackers, and sample size portions of Chelsea's quiche of the day.  Then for sweets we were served peanut butter cookies, portions of English trifle, banana cake, pumpkin biscotti and coconut macaroons.  Plus we  each received a full size maple walnut scone with strawberry jam and cream.  Oh my goodness it was feast for both the eyes and the tummy!

The Afternoon Tea Plate

Sharing a pot of Earl Grey

The celebration continued into today, with more dining out treats from my husband.  No cooking for me today!  I had a lovely birthday brunch at the famous (written up in Southern Living and appearing on Food Network) Tupelo Honey.  If you come to Asheville, I insist that you eat here!!  I swear, the sweet potato pancake tastes like Autumn on a plate!  And per my special request, I had the amazing chicken parmigiana at Black Bear Pizza for dinner.  

The above mentioned dining establishments are not paying me to brag on them, I just thought ya'll should know so your life could be as enriched by them as mine has been.

Thank you for letting me share my happy weekend with you.

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  1. I was so grateful to spend your special day with you!! I second all of your recommendations too.