Thursday, July 18, 2013

Memory Keeping Matters - Preserve your Precious Memories

"When you take a photograph you are documenting a brief moment in time that can be used to continually tell a story to current and future generations of your family. Let me show you how to preserve your treasured memories with paper, inks and embellishments that will delight and bring enjoyment to you and your loved ones for many years to come."

In the above introduction to my blog, I share how important memory keeping is to me and how much I want to share this craft with others.  Close To My Heart believes this, too.  Please watch the video below to see why this amazing company has been around so long and will continue to support people like us who want to keep our family alive to future generations.

Memory Keeping Matters

Close To My Heart gives you:

Stability You Can Trust

With nearly 30 years in the industry, Close To My Heart understands what is important to those of us that preserve our family memories for generations to come.  Our company is debt free and a leader in the field.

Fresh Creative Products You Crave

Close To My Heart is always setting or keeping up with the latest trends.  Our products are fresh and relevant and we show you new and fabulous ways to document and keep your stories alive.

An Unbeatable Opportunity  

Join me to experience the fun and camaraderie of scrapbooking and memory keeping.  If you would like free products, an income source and dream vacations doing what you love, this is the place for you.  


Contact me to learn more about Close to My Heart and join me as a customer or a consultant!

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